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  • Unit Testing, while a well understood technique in the application development world, is not nearly as prevalent in the data community. Therefore, before jumping into how exactly you would utilize this technique, you should understand the overall fundamentals of the unit testing methodology. Please walk through About Unit Testing first. If you have already been familiar with unit testing concept. You can skip this.

  • The best way to see how AnyDbTest works is to read Quick Start.

  • If you have experience will find everything you need to know on Cheat Sheet (part1, part2).

  • On Reference, You will find all available types for argument direction, assertion and datetime format and so on.

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CarlPerkins Sep 13, 2013 at 7:31 PM 
How can I create global variables so that I do not have to repeat, for example, @LocationId, in every single test case? I want to be able to specify something like <globalSetting @LocationId="myLocation"